Character Rigging

Rigging: Lego Character

This is a character rig I created to practice my rigging ability with a bipedal character. I initially tried to see if creating a ‘quick rig’ in Maya would work for a Lego character.

Following some editing, I was able to make it more or less work, however I quickly realised that it would be much better if I created a rig from scratch to give myself complete freedom and control over the character. 

This rig includes IK handles, complete with pole vectors for the arms and legs, as well as custom controls for all the moving parts of the body to allow for precise animation. 

I studied how characters move in the Lego games, which influenced how I modelled and rigged this figurine. I realised Lego characters in games don’t move like real life Lego toys, they are much more bendy and human like in order to allow more artistic freedom with animating.

Jessica Smith