Jessica Smith


I am a video game enthusiast, who has spent several years learning 3D game animation and 3D art. During that time I've worked on multiple indie games, helped co-found a company and assisted in the setup of a full service design studio that will include 3D animation services.

Murasaki: Freelance Artist
2020 - Present

Working freelance; I assisted with the transition of a small web design company towards a larger full service design studio for print and web, which will also offer 3D art and animation for videos.

In addition, I have created logo designs for client websites and helped with the artistic side of web development.

Indie Game Work: 3D Artist, Rigging, Animator and Texturing
2019 - Present

I have worked remotely on the development of an indie game with a programmer and designer based in Japan. Together we have been producing a top down fantasy style strategy game for mobile and PC using the Unity game engine. 

My role is to develop the visual style of the game and create multiple hand drawn textures for each environmental asset.

I am designing weapons that represent the different characters and environmental assets, along with rigging and animation work for the game.

Fictive: Co-Founder, 3D Artist, Animator and Rigging

I worked for an incubation program called Launchpad, which also incorporated a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. We were placed in a team of four chosen by Falmouth University to co-found a games company, which we named Fictive.

Our team focused on creating a story driven interactive drama MVP in collaboration with BBC Worldwide, as a pitch for a larger episodic game for one of their large franchises.

I assisted with the company startup, focusing on market research into the games industry. The primary tasks included environmental art, weight painting character rigs and animation, while helping to establish the story. My work included hiring outsourcers and managing their work throughout development of the MVP.

My work included hiring outsourcers and managing their work throughout development of the MVP.

Masters Degree Entrepreneurship 
FALMOUTH University - 2017-2018

I completed a course in Entrepreneurship, which resulted in obtaining a Masters Degree. Apart from personal evaluations, we were required to work in teams; producing multiple market evaluations and presentations, which were interwoven into setting up a games company with the university.

We were presented with possible gaps in the market by Channel 4 and BBC Worldwide for the interactive drama and educational games market, which we investigated further. There was an emphasis on learning how to manage a games company, both from the business and development point of view.

Bachelor Degree Digital Games (2.1)
FALMOUTH University - 2014-2017

I spent 3 years studying Digital Games at Falmouth University; working with different teams of individuals to produce a new indie game each year. 

At the start, I was asked to choose an area of game development to specialise in, so I decided to focus on 3D animation. Being able to work on multiple small games each year helped to develop my skills in 3D animation, 3D modelling and rigging.

BTEC Animation for Film and Games (triple distinction)
Cornwall College - 2012-2014

Throughout 2 years I studied games and film theory along with basic game development skills in 3D and 2D.

I was able to try out all the possible routes in game development to help me discover what route I would be most interested in pursuing.


I work with Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and have worked with the Unity engine. I create 3D environments / objects, 3D animations for characters and objects, rigging, unwrapping, texturing and digital art.

Jessica Smith