What’s here?

I am a 3D Games Animator and Modeller in the UK, creating Low Poly and High Poly models for various digital games. This website contains some portfolio examples of my work done using Maya and in addition I have experience creating games using the Unity Game Engine.

Animation Showreel

3D Mery animation showreel
Running, fighting, infiltration, jumping

Low Poly

These models were created for a fantasy style PC and mobile game that I’m creating for a personal project with a programmer friend. To work effectively on mobile devices, I had to create low poly weapons and environments that look like hand painted figurines on a board game.

Inspired by similar games, I designed these models after trying out multiple different texture styles and colour palettes to find out what would look best. Each player takes on a different character, which is illustrated by a weapon, so they had to stand out distinctly from other aspects of the rapidly changing game environment.

rogue dagger game

Rogue Dagger

Model photos, poly photos, UVs, texture
sword low poly game


Model photos, poly photos, UV’s, texture

High Poly

I used several references to help me recreate these iconic vehicles, some of which are seen in popular movies, such as James Bond and Back to the Future. I tried to make them look as realistic as possible, including movable wheels and car doors. Attention to detail was key when recreating these cars in Autodesk Maya.

Creating these models was a learning process, however my personal favourite was the 1985 "Back to the Future" DeLorean. This incredibly complex model with scientific elements and hundreds of individual multi-coloured lights was a real challenge.

Each and every car had its own set of technical challenges and I tried to make each model better than the last.

Aston Martin 3D

Aston Martin

Rendered photos, poly photos
DeLorean 3D Model


Rendered photos, poly photos, rig
Lamborghini Aventador 3D


Rendered photos, poly photos, rig
E-Type Jaguar model


Rendered photos, poly photos


3D Wood Ship environment


Rendered photos, poly photos
3D Pier House Charlestown environment

Pier House 

Rendered photos, poly photos

Texturing and Rigging

model texturing


Game texturing
3D model rigging


Car rigs, video

Jessica Smith