About Me

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith 3D Animator

Born in Milan, I grew up in the fashion & beauty industry and occasionally featured as a child model; appearing in various international publications. At the age of six, I moved to the UK with my family.

I attended Cornwall College, completing a BTEC course in Animation for Film and Games, where I obtained the top grade in my class. Afterwards, I went to Falmouth University where I completed a BA in Animation for Digital Games, followed by a MA in Entrepreneurship. During my time in education, I learned about animation, rigging, 3D modelling and general game development.

When developing games, I have used Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Unity and Affinity Photo. More recently I have also taught myself UV unwrapping and texturing, along with rig creation for cars. 

As part of my Master’s degree, I was able to produce an MVP interactive drama game for a large IP, while helping to start up a game development company as part of a small team. 

Since leaving university I have worked with a small web design company assisting with the transition to become a larger full service design studio, including 3D animation. 

In my spare time I have also been working on an indie project with a programmer from Japan, which is a fantasy top down strategy game for mobile and PC. This personal project has extended my game development skills, while exploring different texture styles. 

As a video game enthusiast, I developed an interest for the games industry early on. I also enjoy creating digital fan art and writing fanfictions of my favourite game fandoms.

Jessica Smith